With many years’ experience training runners, we have developed a running program that is fun, motivating and effective.  We welcome athletes of all levels from beginner to experienced competitor. 

Our training sessions are one-hour.  We lead our classes in dynamic warm-up exercises, followed by easy conversational pace running and strides.  Once our athletes are properly warmed up, we guide them through the principal work of the training session:  the interval series or threshold work of the day

We train on varied terrain, on hills and trails, flat pavement or track.  Each training is intentionally different in order to build a well-formed athlete.  We work all the components necessary to form a successful runner, speed, endurance, agility, coordination, and strength.  

We organize most workouts in loops of various distances.  This way beginner and advanced runners can work at their pace to get the most from their workouts while remaining with the group.  This method also helps to ensure runner safety.

We have carefully evolved our training program.  Each training is programmed to address the needs of our developing athletes.  We care about every individual athlete on the team and strive to provide trainings that benefit each member.  Your coach is there to meet your training needs. 

Running children

Children (ages 5-10)

Specifically for our children’s group, most running is in the form of games, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses and mini races.   We take care to make our training fun. We safeguard the inspiration of our youngest runners while gradually developing their running abilities.

Running youth

Youth (ages 7-17)

For our youth groups, once our training goal of the day is attained, we reward ourselves with fun relay events and running games.  We design new and entertaining running games every week.

Running adults

We didn’t start out intending to coach adults.  Nevertheless, over the years, parents kept coming to youth running classes, asking to participate.  The parents won us over and in fall 2022 we opened our first official adult running class.   In developing our adult running program, we’ve applied what we have learned over the years coaching different ages and diverse ability levels.  Our first adult runners won their first podiums this year!