Tout Terrain Lutry Lavaux had a very successful 2022 race year in 2022.  We participated in 9 races together as a team, with excellent results!  12 of our members won podiums this year, winning a total of 34 podiums for TTLL! 

Among those 12 podium finishers, 9 won their first podiums ever!  

When we first became an association in the fall of 2020, TTLL had lots of races scheduled on our program.  Several months later, Covid took popular races off the agenda.  We worked hard with you to stay on track, training together and making our own TTLL races. 

Finally, we welcomed the return of official popular races in spring 2022!   

Congratulations to all our members.  We all worked together to achieve success as a team.  

Among our finest finishes this season

Course A Travers Pully, May 2022

A new location for this popular Pully race, we raced at the Parc de Rochettaz.  The racecourse included mixed trail and road with significant elevation gain.  We had 8 youth athletes and 4 adult athletes participating.

Among our results, in their categories, the following athletes hit the top ten, with 3 podiums:

Maude Recrosio:  2eme podium

Hugo Ducommun  3eme. podium

Sandrine Pittet 3eme  podium

Elisa Ducommun:  4eme

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  4eme

20km de Lausanne, May 2022

17 membres de TTLL ont participé avec beaucoup de plaisir !  Parmi nos réussites il y avait notablement :

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:   4eme podium (parmi 342 dans sa catégorie) et sa première course !

Additionally, Christophe De Buttet, Elisa Ducommun, Jessica Mai, Noah Mai, Sandrine Pittet, Sebastian Murrell Santillanes, and Simon Murrell finished in the top 5-15% in their respective categories

Xtratrail Lavaux, May 2022

Another excellent day for Tout Terrain Lutry Lavaux!  Five youth athletes and 2 adult runners participated, with three podium finishes for the day!

Maude Recrosio 1ere podium

Rub Murrell Santillanesi  2eme podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes  3eme  podium

Elisa Ducommun  4eme

Hugo Ducommun   4eme

Course à Dingler, June 2022

6 youth athletes and one adult TTLL runner raced the lovely courses at Savigny.  Only excellent results!  Another great day for TTLL!!

Hugo Ducommun. 2eme  podium

Maude Recrosio:  2eme. podium

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  2eme. podium

Elisa Ducommun:  3eme. podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes :  3eme. podium

Alessio Astolfi:  4eme

Simon Murrell:  5eme

Course à Travers Lutry, July 2022

Alessio Astolfi:  1ere  podium

Amaury Mancassola:  1ere. podium

Paul Mancassola:  4eme

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  1ere  podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes:  1ere  podium

Valentina Astolfi:  1ere.  podium

Triathlon de Lausanne, September 2022

Luca Gracia Bogner,  finisher

Petit Prince, Attalens, September 2022

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  2eme. podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes :  2eme. podium

Ascona-Locarno Run, September 2022

Valentina Astolfi. 1ere  podium

Alessio Astolfi. 6eme

Course des Taleines, Vulliens, September 2022

Christophe De Buttet:  3eme. podium

1020 Run, Rennens, September 2022

A fun event on a beautiful day for 11 TTLL runners and their families.  We loved the hilly racecourse.  Participating in the 4 x 2.5km relay was a great team-building event!  A wonderful début to the fall 2022 season for TTLL

Hugo Ducommun:  2eme  podium

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  2eme. podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes:  2eme. podium

Elise Pasquini:  3eme. podium

Elisa Ducommun:  5eme

Alessio Astolfi:  6eme

Et sur le relais, équipe 4 x 2.5km (relais sans catégorie, alors contre les adultes) :

TTLL Equipe Jeunes :  Alessio Astolfi, Hugo Ducommun, Maude Recrosio, Valentina Astolfi.  3eme. podium

TTLL Equipe Plus Jeunes :  Elisa Ducommun, Elise Pasquini, Luca Gracia Bogner,  Sebastian Murrell Santillanes.  7eme

Trail Verticale du Suchet, October 2022

5 TTLL athletes completed this wonderful trail race – the first trail race for our 3 youth members.  900m D+ in 1.9 km.  A difficult but rewarding racecourse with gorgeous views at the top and delicious fondue served by the race organizers!  Well organized and highly recommended.  All three youth athletes came away with podium finishes.  Top 5 girls and top 5 boys won prizes.

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes  3eme. podium

Alessio Astolfi:  4eme. podium

Juliette Verchere:  4eme. podium

Forcethon Talent, November 2022

3 youth runners came out to this delightful location in Chalet-à-Gobet to compete with a small but serious crowd.  Rubi came to conquer, and she did!  Noah came back after injury and we were happy to have him return!

Rubi Murrell Santillanes:  1ere. podium

Sebastian Murrell Santillanes:  2eme.  podium

Congratulations to all of our runners and their families!  We look forward to coaching you with lots of success in 2024!