We initiated our first Bike + Run class in the Fall of 2021.  Initially conceived as a spinning and running program, we gradually liberated the bikes from their indoor home trainers as spring offered longer days.

 We regularly train our members on bicycle safety, bike handling, and group riding skills.  During the winter months, we alternate between indoor spinning and gym work, with outdoor interval running.  In the spring and fall we organize group rides and bike and run relays.

 This class is excellent preparation for budding duathletes and triathletes, as well as runners seeking to add muscular reinforcement and a varied fun workout to their training regimen.

*New for January 2023!  Bike + Run Adults!

Equipment provided

  • Fitness room
  • Home trainers for each member
  • Indoor spinning mats
  • Music playlist
  • Fitness equipment
  • Choreographed spinning program
  • Hot and cold drinks, season depending

Members supply       

  • Bike
  • Helmets (outdoor rides)
  • Running shoes
  • head lamps

Everything should be properly fitted and maintained