The Tout Terrain Lutry Lavaux Program

What Sets Us Apart

  •  We are a team created by family and we train all members of the family.  At TTLL our team supports all ages from 5 to 65 to develop their athletic skills and learn to love running, biking and training.  We support all the members of our TTLL families to share sport experiences and be on the same team
  • You and your children will be outside regularly in the natural environment. We live in a beautiful place. Tout Terrain Lutry Lavaux helps you make the most of it!  We train on gorgeous trails and roads through the vineyards and forests and along the lake.
  • We are a well-formed, confident and growing team and we want you and your children to be part of it!  Our members encourage one another to train regularly and support one another to get stronger and faster.   Many of our runners have been with our team since its inception.  They helped create the wonderful program we have today and form the backbone of our program.  Newer runners bring fresh energy and allow us to develop our coaching skills and broaden our program.  We are excited to continue to grow!
  • We are a running adventure program.  Our coaches are always busy discovering new terrain for you, designing our program to keep it truly varied and fun.  Every training is different and presents new challenges.
  • Our training program brings success on race day. In 2022 our members won 34 podiums, with 9 members earning their first ever podiums this year. 
  • Your podiums are our podiums.  We prepare and coach you on-site for all the races on our race program.  In 2022 we participated as a team in 9 popular road and trail races with consistently excellent race results! Our coaches are there every step of the way to prepare our athletes to have a fun and successful race day.  Your podiums are our podiums.